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3M Gearing Up for SC11

November 10th, 2011

With the SC11 show less than a week away, we at 3M are gearing up and getting excited about what we have to share with the IBTA community. The high-speed twin axial cable and active optical cable (AOC) teams haven’t wasted any time by quickly identifying ways to contribute to the working groups and working to bring the best of 3M processes and innovation to the table. Coupled with access to IBTA’s resources, our support and rapidly growing portfolio of high-speed products will continue to expand and evolve.

This week, our 3M engineers are currently at IBTA Plugfest #20 with a full suite of complementary copper and fiber products for FDR, QDR and DDR rates, ranging in lengths from 0.5 meters up to 100 meters. And this momentum continues as we head into SC11.

3M is a sponsor of the IBTA/OFA booth, where we’ll be showcasing our various high-speed products for the HPC segment. What we have to offer in this space is truly differentiated and we believe can meet the most demanding of our customers’ needs.

For example, our line of copper QSFP+ assemblies are made with 3MTM Twin Axial Cable technology, which lets the cable assembly easily bend and fold, allowing the cable to achieve a very small bend radius (2.5mm) with little to no impact on electrical performance.

The cable is lightweight and low profile (flat ribbon format) as well, and together with its unique flexibility, enables very efficient routing and improved airflow. Imagine folding the cable at a right angle right off the backshell where it exits the switch. Honestly, it’s a bit hard to envision without seeing it in action, so check out the cable and its capabilities on our YouTube page!

We’ll also be leveraging our presence at SC11 to showcase our AOC assemblies - one of the lowest power AOCs available on the market. Up there in flexibility with the 3M Twin Ax assemblies, our AOCs utilize a low-loss, bend-insensitive fiber, meaning the flexibility and high-performance benefits of 3M copper QSFP+ assemblies extends to the fiber side, as well.

These and other 3M cables will be put to the test in the 40 Gbps RDMA live demonstration within the IBTA/OFA booth. So, if you’re going to be at SC11, the demo should not be missed as it’s an extraordinary 40Gbps RDMA demo over this kind of distance… 6,000 miles, further than a trip from Seattle to Paris!

3M will be in Seattle all week during SC11 with a full agenda, so make sure you stop by the IBTA/OFA booth and check out our latest technologies. We’ll also be meeting with customers one-on-one in our meeting suite at the Grand Hyatt. The countdown is on and we look forward to seeing you at the show. Feel free to e-mail us for more information or to schedule time to chat at SC11.

Shalou Dhamija,

Jeff Bullion,

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SC11 Just One Week Away; Great Content Planned for IBTA & OFA Booth #6010

November 7th, 2011

With less than two weeks until SC11, there’s lots of buzz around the forthcoming November release of the TOP500 list. Will Japan’s K supercomputer stay at the top? Where will China’s Sunway Bluelight place? How many systems with GPUs will we see?

The TOP500 list plays into SC11’s unofficial theme of Big Data. Nicole Hemsoth of HPCwire, released an article last week providing highlights of what you can expect to see at SC11. Nicole sites John Johnson, conference chair, who says that this year the supercomputing community is “being called upon to rise to the data challenge and develop methods for dealing with the exponential growth of data and strategies for analyzing and storing large data sets.”

Nicole goes on to highlight a number of presentations and sessions being given at SC11 focused on the problems and new developments spawned by Big Data and technical or scientific computing.

The technical working groups of the IBTA and OFA are all about addressing the problems and new developments spawned by data challenges in high performance computing - and translating those technologies into meaningful solutions for the enterprise data center.

We have joined forces with several member companies as well as SC11’s SCinet and Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) and will be showcasing a “world’s first” demonstration of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) protocols over a 40 Gbps WAN. Watch here for more details to be released this Monday, Nov. 14.

We will also be featuring presentations from member companies on a full range of topics detailed on this site.

Be sure to add the IBTA/OFA #6010 to your list of must-see booths at the show and watch this space for live updates from the show.


Brian Sparks

IBTA Marketing Working Group Co-Chair

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