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New look, improved user interface and more content available from the IBTA website

Later this year, the InfiniBand Trade Association will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. We wanted to spiff up our online identity in preparation for this celebration, so welcome to the newly redesigned website!

We have revamped the online InfiniBand Solutions catalog, updated the Technology section and created a Resources page which will be home to a blog and multimedia content. Please be sure to check out the online press room as well, to read the latest and greatest InfiniBand-related news.

A high-level guide to the site:

  • InfiniBand Solutions Catalog - provides a comprehensive list of available InfiniBand applications and solutions for industry and customer use. The revamped catalog offers a simplified user interface and product spotlight on the home page.
  • Technology Section - provides information regarding the InfiniBand Architecture specification, InfiniBand roadmap and a detailed FAQ.
  • Resources - provides new and up-to-date information in support of the InfiniBand specification. This section will house case studies, presentations, white papers, podcasts, training videos and more as we continue to build on it over the next several months.
  • Integrators’ List - is now a prominent feature on the IBTA site. InfiniBand products that pass compliance testing at IBTA-sponsored Plugfest events gain inclusion in the IBTA Integrators’ List.

One other new feature to the site is what you’re reading right now. We’ve added a blog that will be updated regularly to share InfiniBand-related news, events, information and resources. Content will be provided by our IBTA workgroups, as well as individual member companies. Check back regularly to stay up to date with the latest InfiniBand developments.

As always, we welcome your feedback at administration@infinibandta.org.

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